Ep3: How To Easily Become a Content Creation Machine

In this episode of The Course Creators Podcast, Sarah will share with you some super simple strategies for easily becoming a content creation machine.  

I’m not against aid advertising – it has a very important part to play in any business owner’s success strategy, but I do not believe that aid advertising is NECESSARY.  I also believe that it makes for an unsustainable business model because the second you stop paying for ads, you stop getting business.

A far better, albeit longer return on your investment is to spend time creating and sharing content with the world.  

I believe that true success comes from how you position yourself in the marketplace. The more content you have out there, the more chance your audience have of finding you when they are searching and browsing in your topic online.  The more content you create, the more you PROVE and demonstrate your expertise to the world.  If people KNOW that you ‘know your stuff’ (because they’ve seen it for themselves), they won’t need to be served an advert to be persuaded that you do.

Your marketing goes from paid to free – as soon as you start creating great content, you open u the opportunity for virality, for shares and likes – all of which is FREE advertising.

Yes it requires some effort, but you’ll be surprised at how easy it can be to make just one piece of content absolutely work it’s butt off for you.  

In this podcast I will give you some practical tips for easily producing content making every piece of content give you the most return, and to increase your online course sales – without spending any money on ads.


















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